The significance of New Clothes

According to tradition, you should wear red on the Chinese New Year 2019.
But why is it so important to wear clothes in this color during this day of the year? It is said that you must wear red on the Chinese New Year because you will ward off evil spirits and you will attract good fortune.

The color of the clothes you wear during the day the Chinese New Year is celebrated is not the only aspect you should take into consideration when planning your outfit for February 5th 2019.

Additionally, you have to dress in at least one new garment in order to attract new opportunities and you should also clean your wardrobe and throw away any damaged or very old clothes, which you are no longer using.

chinese new year 2019 clothes


Cheongsam (Qi Pao): originating from the Manchu clothing for women, it evolved by merging with the Western patterns that show the beauty of the feminine body. Its characteristics are the stand-up collar, the tension on the waist, the spiraled buttons and the slits on both sides of the dress.

The materials used are usually silk, cotton, and flax. Currently, the Cheongsam is the most popular Chinese outfit in the world.

The Chinese Tunic Suit (Zhongshan Zhuang): also called the Yat-sen suit, was designed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen by mixing the Western-style suit with the Chinese style.

The suit has a turndown collar and four pockets with flaps. Because it was a frequent outfit for President Mao Zedong, it is also called Mao suit by westerners. It was the main outfit since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 until 1980. The country’s leaders are still wearing it today, when they participate in important events, such as military parades.


The Hanfu clothing refers to the traditional dress of the Han people, from the time of the Yellow Emperor (approximately 2698 BC) and until the end of Ming dynasty (1368-1644). It became known under the name of Han Fu (“fu” means “clothes” in the Chinese language) because fashion has been improved and popularized during the Han dynasty.

Usually, Hanfu comes as a long dress with diagonally crossed collar, wrapping the right lapel over the left, large sleeves and, instead of buttons, a sash. Although simple in design, the outfit induces different feelings in different wearers.

Tang Suit

The Chinese Tang suit is a combination of the jacket once worn by Manchu men and the Western-style suit. Usually, it has a straight collar, with buttons wrapped on the front. The color and the designs are in a traditional Chinese fashion, but the making is Western.


China has many traditions of which it is proud, whether they are in culinary art, music, dance or fashion. When it comes to wearing one of the most famous Chinese clothing articles, it must necessarily be Qipao.

This elegant and refined Chinese culture reference dress fascinates at first glance, regardless of its pattern. The classical dress for Chinese women unites the intricate elegance of the Chinese tradition with unique style elements.

Due to its special charm, the Qipao dress resembles a wonderful flower on the colorful scene of fashion. Regardless of the occasion, this dress creates the impression of simplicity, tranquility, fascination, elegance and even attraction.


– The entire house must be cleaned before the New Year.

– Lighting fireworks on the New Year’s Eve is the way the Chinese people say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year.

– All debts should be paid before midnight. During this day, nothing is borrowed, because it is believed that doing so on this day means borrowing during the whole next year.

– During this day, the Chinese people avoid using bad language or words that bring bad fortune. Negative terms and the word “four” (Ssu), which is similar to the word “death” mustn’t be pronounced.

– If you cry on the day of New Year, you will cry all year long. This is why children’s naughtiness is tolerated on this day.

– During this day, hair shouldn’t be washed because it is believed that doing so will wash away the luck for all the new coming year. Red clothes are preferred for this holiday. Red is considered a color associated with happiness, bringing a happy and bright future to the one wearing it.

– Updating the Feng Shui remedies – All your Feng Shui remedies for 2019 should be ready. They should be placed with eight days before the Chinese New Year. Those who bought amulets or different Feng Shui remedies know that they should be cleaned of all the energies accumulated over the year by placing them on a salt bed and keeping them there for 24/71 hours. Then, they are taken and placed in the house depending on the house imprint or they are kept in a sachet in your purse or bag for the rest of all coming year.