Rat Chinese Horoscope 2019

According to Chinese Astrology, the Years of the Rat are: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032.

The predictions for the Rat natives claim that they will be successful in terms of profession and finances during the Earth Pig Year of 2019.

Those born under the Rat sign are going to have a  year full of ups and downs.

In 2019, some physical changes are predicted for these natives. They will think seriously to play more sports, to gain the body they want. The radical change in look can help them stand out.

In love, things will start to get complicated from June  The horoscope warns the Rat natives to pay more attention to the grievances of their lover. They risk breaking up because of the selfishness they treat their relationship. Things will get better starting from August when they will go on an important spiritual trip.

The health state is not going to pose any major issues. However, all throughout 2019, they need to be more careful with what they eat and at what hours. They will be quite stressed out and they risk perturbing their entire dietary regime. The Rat also needs to be careful about injuries, especially when they are in a hurry to get somewhere in due time.

Lucky colors in 2019 : white, lemon green, emerald green (elements – Metal and Wood).

What to wear on New Chinese Year’s Eve : Bright red is the suitable color for these natives, especially if it’s the dominant shade for an avant-garde outfit. Welcome the New Year in a bold and provocative manner, and this is how you can attract luck on your side!

New Chinese Year Greetings for the Earth Pig Year of 2019: “Guo nian hao!” – Pass the New Year well!

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In Chinese astrology, the Rat animal sign is associated with one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water:

Water (Feb. 15, 1972 – Feb. 02, 1973)

For those born in the year of the Water Rat it is definitely going to be a full year.

They are going to be asked to take part in common projects, where they could prove their value and experience. They could even get to live a third youth, as they are going to be surrounded and appreciated by younger people.

It is a good moment to take care of their health: to adapt or to change their lifestyle, which primarily involves physical exercises and diets.

Wood (Feb. 02, 1984 – Feb. 19, 1985)

Those born in the year of the Wood Rat may encounter crises on a professional level. Their capacity to adapt or to put up with new technologies may be challenged.

Should this be a reason for concern? They have lived through greater things than these.

Having the basis of vast professional experience, they can go along with the changes that they are expected to do pretty easily.

It is recommended to pay maximum attention to every negotiation that they are part of and to every paper or contract that they will have to sign, so that they won’t suffer on a financial level.

Fire  (Feb.19, 1996 – Feb. 06, 1997)

Those born in the year of the Fire Rat find themselves at a turning point in their lives. Challenges arise from several fields: professional, of partnership and of couple’s relationship.

Professionally, they are in a competition for a leading position or for the position of an informal leader.

Now, it would be a good time to prove their worth and capacity without going into any polemics.

On the family level, they may have to renew their vows; they would better give credit to the problems their life partner may raise.

Earth (Feb. 10, 1948 – Jan. 28, 1949)

Those born in the year of the Earth Rat will have to face a year with many challenges, which will force them to make some long term decisions.

On a professional level, the situation is kind of complicated; changes that could affect their position may occur.

Not all decisions will be on their favor, but these could arouse their ambition or open their eyes.

For some of them, however, there is the chance of getting promoted on some positions with more responsibilities, but they have doubts regarding their training and capacity of handling these responsibilities.

On a social level, it is a year of decision-making, when they will have to make a selection of their friends and associates; they have the chance of meeting important people that could help them in the future.

Metal Rat (Jan. 28, 1960 – Feb. 14, 1961)

For those born in the year of the Metal Rat, this is going to be a year full of activities and offerings. Although they might be young at age and experience, they enter the fire of professional evaluations.

We don’t expect great signs of progress or promotions, but with a lot of work and faith, they could turn out to be future candidates for important positions.

The Rat’s personality in the chinese zodiac

The Rat has the biggest character, ways of approach, goals and objectives differences appear between signs that are on the same axis.

That is why we can say that the year of the Pig is going to be very demanding for the Rat, with many challenges and obstacles.

However, this aspect will, under no circumstances, rule out the chances of success on various plans, but it rather warns on the efforts a Rat will have to do in order to reach his/her goals.

By his nature, the Rat is always on the move, alert and brisk, intelligent and sensing every possibility that comes along.

But the future events could surpass their anticipation capacity, making them question their talent or value.

It would be better if they thought about those situations as challenges or trials; if they try to adapt and keep up with the events, they could end up learning on the go things that may turn out to be very useful for them.

This is the moment they must prove their true value, after the trust they were given in the Pig Year 2019.

It would be for their own good not to let themselves get overwhelmed by situations and abandon while looking for something “more suitable” for them, because they would miss exactly the opportunity to accumulate an amazing experience.

The Rat could very well take some time off for themselves or take a step back, precisely in order to have a clearer and more detached idea regarding the problems they are facing and in order to find solutions for these problems.

Focusing continuously and without a break on problems cannot be a very effective way to diagnose and solve the problems.

Basically, it would be of great help to pay more attention to their own selves in order to observe and analyze themselves.

They can find help inside their families, as they are the people that observe them better and are determined to offer them their full support.

Being focused on their problems, they may be tempted to neglect the dialogue and the time spent with their loved ones; they would shortly realize that this is a wrong way to go.

The financial field could only be affected by their negligence in counting the sums of money they have to return or to pay, as well as of those sums that they should receive.

The fail in keeping a record of all the papers and documents could create difficulties for them.

We already mentioned that this year will be characterized by challenges and difficulties. It would be good to take care of their behavior on the social level because ego outbursts could bring onto them powerful enemies. But it also is the right year to prove their professional and relational qualities.