Lucky Colors for 2019 – Year of the Pig

What’s the Lucky Color for 2019?

In the Year of the Pig 2019, the Feng Shui experts recommend us the following lucky colors: red, golden, pink but also blue and green.

The impression the colors of 2019 need to generate is of fresh, fruity and sweet, this is why we will carry purses on light yellow tones or in shades ranging from citric and mint to aquatic hues of blue.

The most interesting creations of the seasons are the strong shades of red, intense navy blue and bright yellow.

This year, the specialists encourage us to be brave and to dare welcome the New Chinese Year of Earth Pig 2019 in the most vibrant and intense coloring.

Bright Yellow

One of the recommended colors of 2019 is bright yellow. Although yellow is intimidating for many people because is rather difficult to match and it cannot be worn by everyone, there are a few ways you can add this shade to the daily outfit.

A yellow trench coat worn in a monochromatic outfit, a leather jacket for a rock-chic look or even a pair of yellow glasses are enough to make any outfit stand out.


Pink is and will always remain a symbol of femininity, of grace and, why not, of romanticism. Besides violet, this year’s trendy chromatism is powder pink and also that candy pink that we are still afraid of and we avoid to wear because you are worried we might look ridiculous.

When you wear pink clothes, it is important to not overburden the outfit with massive accessories or with apparel articles in strong coloring. Select a classic suit in powder pink or add a delicate touch of color to any monochromatic outfit by choosing a masculine blazer or a pink trench coat in a flowing fabric.

How to mix candy pink when wearing a day outfit? Well, you can count on the same rule (a pink clothing article to a monochromatic outfit) or you can take advantage of the fact that color-blocking fashion trend is back this year and match intense shades of pink with red, violet or yellow garments.


Another intense and trendy color during the Earth Pig Year of 2019 is the vivid red. The symbol of courage, intense red simply attracts attention and doesn’t allow you to go unnoticed. For an authentic, full of personality look, it is enough to wear only one detail in red.

In 2019, if you a fan of strong tones and they charge you with optimism and energy, don’t hesitate to stand out. Wear them! They have a strong personality and an extremely gracious and nonconformist charm.

Or you could spice up soft colors by mixing them with vivid ones. This fashion season, everything is allowed… Certainly, aggressive colours such as orange, red or green will captivate men’s attention. If you want to create sensation and to amaze with your outstanding fashion taste, this year, the Feng Shui experts recommend mixing many shades of one color to the same outfit.

If you’ve decided what outfit you want to wear and you want to select the right accessories, you should know that stars are the main trend of this season. We find them among most accessories. No matter if we have in mind shoes, purses, necklaces, clothes or belts.

Also, the feathers have a word to say during this season because they are also back in style. We should keep in mind that they give pigmentation to any accessory and they are very sexy if we match them to a hat.

The fabrics with a flowing effect are in trend this year. Take into account one advice: leather and lacquer have a great visual impact, especially if it’s the fabric of the accessories we match to our outfit. If the ultra-classic, feminine fabrics don’t really attract you, but you do want to stand out, cashmere, thistle or latex represent the perfect choice.

The Best Hair Color for your Chinese Zodiac Sign in 2019

During this season, the most modern hairstyle is the classic textured version, with smooth, silky hair. To style this haircut, you need to consider the type and the shape of your hair.

If you want a hairstyle that can be arranged in many ways (inwards or outwards), you found exactly what you want.

To look as feminine and sexy as possible, leave the hair strands longer. Blow-dry your hair, using a big, round brush – this way, the stubborn strands will get tamed and the hair will gain more volume.

If you want the hair ends to turn outwards, the fringe strands around the face should fall freely. It is a style that matches everyone, regardless of the face shape.

If you really want to impress with your look, choose bangs, whether long, full and fringe or discrete, with only a few cut strands.

During the fall season of 2019, choose colors to match the fall’s scarlet shades and try to give intensity to your hair  by using vibrant hues of coffee-brown, tones of reddish brown and delicate purple.

Feng Shui Home Decor Tips for a Lucky, Prosperous Earth Pig Year of 2019

2019 comes with bold ideas and strong and contrasting  schemes (orange-blue, yellow-green, red-black, violet-pink).

The designers claim that in 2019, three colors will remain the top choices for interior design: red, green, and white. The red shades are dark, strong, contrasting and they can be mixed with black, white, lilac or cream. Green allows combinations that bring a touch of nature into the house, creating a comfortable, natural and relaxing ambience.

Another modern combination is represented by two soothing colors, suitable for intimate and narrow spaces: yellow-blue.

Sometimes, some combinations can be even aggressive : orange and glossy black in a very large area, striking red or purple. However, those who choose such contrasting  combinations have very big rooms, where they don’t spend too much time during the day.

For low or small rooms, yellow, blue, and bright green have a magnifying effect, transforming the room in a welcoming and bright space. In general, dark colors are used to make a room seem smaller, and the light and pastel shades are used to give the impression of a larger space.

For an intimate atmosphere, avoid using strong contrasts, and choose earthy tones – combinations of brown, yellow and beige, and keep in mind that purple is never a dominant color.