chinese year of the pig 2019

Chinese Horoscope 2019 – Year of the Earth Pig

The chinese horoscope 2019 predicts: The year of the earth pig will be excellent!

The Chinese New Year will start on February 5, 2019. The years of the pig are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019. It’ s expected that this year, the year of the pig 2019 , to be very good, without any bad periods and full of achievements.

The last two years haven’t been too good for chinese and that’s why they are so excited for the predictions for the year 2019.

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Chinese New Year 2019 – all you need to know !

When is Chinese New Year in 2019 ?

Chinese New Year starts on February 5th of 2019 and ends on January 25th of 2020 and is the Year of the Pig.

Chinese New Year starts on the second or third new moon, after the winter solstice (depending on the number of new moons between the two winter solstices).

The Chunyun period (Lunar New Year) starts with 15 days before February 5th of 2019. Statistically, 20% of the planet’s population celebrates the New Year on February 5th. It must be mentioned that, usually, this is not a fixed date and it falls between January 15th and February 16th.

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Compatibilities in the Chinese Zodiac

The signs of the Chinese Zodiac highlights some personality traits that characterize, in general, individuals born in the time periods indicated. Although the development, evolution individual prevails, there are a number of limitations, the specific characteristics of each zodiac, which either can not be exceeded at all, either numeorase require compromises to be surpassed.
Based on these characteristics, we can say that there are possibilities of compatibility or not belonging to either of two native same signs or some different signs. It is important that at the beginning, to know certain aspects of the personality traits of your partner so that they can assess whether there is the possibility of harmonizing, developing a sustainable links.
If you want to discover the possibilities of compatibility with your partner or you want to find a compatible partner as we invite you to study the information below.

Those born under the sign of the Rat are seen as stable people with a stable lifestyle throughout life, with the only changes that occur from time to time as a result of decisions taken carefully and after long thought. Sometimes they’re too cautious, and this makes them lose important opportunities: a better job, a relationship successful, profitable partnership, a new experience. Without taking into considerarre these issues, natives Rat existence continues unabated, establishing its own terms.
The positive side is that people born in this sign are optimistic, keeps, even in the most difficult moments, positive attitudes and are able to mobilize to break the deadlock. These individuals choose to learn from past mistakes and look upon us with confidence in the future.

Natives of Ox people are very patient, made to withstand any success in return. They are also, and very conservative and tend to favor those things, people, situations with which they are already familiar. By that want to maintain order and eliminate the chaos of their lives.
Buffalo keeps what they are not spendthrifts, and discipline is their second nature. I’m resistant, can maintain a brisk pace so much more than other people in the same situation, even more than the pair of torque. Hence the tendency of asking the wrong partner too much, more than he can do, to have expectations too high from it. Do not stand too well sudden changes in his life, but adapts even harder. Acceptance of change is slow because decide something harder than others, which is the way that suits them best decision you can be the most favorable. But after having made a decision, they are very determined.

Only the name of the animal, the tiger, says a lot about the character of these people. On the one hand, the native tiger is strong, give the impression of stability, but on the other hand, shows a great emotional sensitivity and finds it hard to express their feelings and to release such stress. There are very impulsive and, unfortunately, sometimes causing scenes, how they behave. They’re always looking for new experiences, new horizons, which he enlivens and animates them life. When you are in such care are extremely agreeable and pleasant to others.
Interactions with others are coordinated in order to identify opportunities for adventure, divertisent, variety. They find it unbearable monotony, all do not want such a life full of constraints. Therefore it is very hard and take responsibility of a relationship, a marriage. With great difficulty expressing their feelings so that others have the feeling that never quite know them. Sometimes the aura of mystery catches them, sometimes, unpleasant surprises can those who are close to them. Tiger must be more closely at how it behaves and how it is perceived by others. read more

Characteristics of chinese animal signs

According to the Chinese Astrological System, each year begins early in the calendar year on a new moon and is associated with one of the twelve animals. Their qualities “animate” the year and flavour it with their distinct natures. So what is your animal sign ? Read on to find out.

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Pig Horoscope 2019

Year of the Pig’s 2019 chinese horoscope

After the Dog year 2018, when they had to undergo more than enough delays and bumps in their activity, the year 2019 allows the Pig to make full use of their creativity.

Things evolve rapidly and new situation appear which allow them to shine. They know what they have to do and they are the type of people that don’t stop until they accomplish whatever they set their mind onto.

They manage now to easily find solutions to older problems, they are open to various sources of inspiration and they are feeling as if they are living at full capacity again.

In terms of career, the natives have the strength to solve the issues that occur throughout the year and even to overcome to current situation. Promotions, changing the current job or advancement in rank may occur.

Professionally, this is a good year; projects that they have started a while ago are being remarked and rewarding now.

They are in a great shape and they let the others know about that. For the Pig natives, the year 2019 is alert and brings many changes.

The Pig is now stimulated to try to make changes. The results they obtain now help them show their worth and present themselves to others in a favorable light, close to the talent and the passion they invest in their actions.

This year, they can expect important changes on the financial level. These are less related to the work they are doing now, but rather they are the result of some activities or projects accomplished until now.

This could stimulate them to make some investments or changes in their portfolio.

To avoid future distress, they would better be very careful and cautious regarding all the aspects of important transactions.

As far as love is concerned, there are signs of some future conflicts, but patience and the desire to have a good relationship will help them solve them without too much “damage”.

They feel that this year they should make important lifestyle or direction changes.

They are preoccupied with themselves, but they may not share this with the people that could be affected by these changes (family, partners and so on), so they might not benefit from their support or from some relevant advice and suggestions.

Also, crises might appear in their relations with the others for as long as they don’t try to harmonize their moves and interests with the others.

On the other hand, an important person that “discovers” them and that appreciates their talent and dedication may appear. The Pig could get at a turning point in their lives next to this person.

Because of this, it would be good for the Pig not to be very closed up this year and participate in social life and social meetings.

To conclude, this year is favorable for those born under the sign of the Pig because it gives them the chance to a comeback after a period of time when things didn’t go according to their wishes.

In 2019, the Pig natives are not doing great in terms of health because some mental issues might occur, in general.

Lucky colors in 2019 for the Pig natives: red, white, orange, pink, and silver.

What to wear on New Chinese Year’s Eve if you are born under the Pig sign: Orange will attract positive energy on your side, so it would be a good idea to wrap yourself in it on the New Year’s Eve. This way, you will ensure your luck for the entire year.

New Chinese Year Greetings for the Earth Pig Year of 2019:

On New Year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.

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Dog Horoscope 2019

dog 2019 chinese horoscope

Year of the Dog’s 2019 chinese horoscope

According to the Chinese Astrology, the years of the Dog are: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018.The Dog is going to love this year because it can offer them all that they want the most: action, speed, motion.

For the Dog, the most favorable level this year is the professional one. They are very dynamic and they do efforts to obtain result and performances in the shortest amount of time. They are bothered by postpones, delays, refusals.

Happiness is the key word of Earth Pig Year of 2019! Your relationship with your partner, health, and finances are the elements that will combine well this year and will raise no major issues for the Dog natives. However, it is advisable to be caution, to refrain from taking great risks and not try to do more things at once.

This year they have a lot of enthusiasm and they really have chances to obtain remarkable results. 2019 is a good year for accomplishing older projects that haven’t been approached yet. They can make it up now for all the delays by being so dynamic and expansive.

Furthermore, this year they are also very opened to team work.

This year, their discontent regarding the evolution of events could make them want to change their work place. This year is favorable for a new beginning or a new professional project.

While on their search of something that satisfies or fulfills them, those born in the years of the Dog might try a new domain for them; they may discover a talent or a vocation.

Anyway, their creativity could get very high now; all they need is effort and passion because they do not lack the confidence that they will make it.

In a traditional way, the this year is favorable to the Dog on a financial level. The money comes easier, all sorts of unexpected offers for collaborations come up and they receive all sorts of bonuses, gifts, rewards.

All of these could make them believe that their luck will last forever, so there will be the danger of not managing their income wisely by spending almost all that they have earned on things of doubtful usefulness.

Dog 2019 love predictions

This year they are more passionate and fully confident. This state of mind makes them very opened to the social, worldly level. They are invited, looked for, admired, appreciated. They can now meet people that will prove to be very important to their future evolution.

For those without a partner, there will certainly be admirers. It is a matter of choice: they can engage in flirts and romances or they can make a choice and start their life together with their half.

The 2019 year is ideal for starting a serious relationship, as the Dog natives will meet many people who will draw their attentions. Those who already have a family, have the chance to improve things, to rekindle the passion in the couple life and to solve some problems from the past.
Those that are involved in a relationship manage to re-ignite the passion of love in their couple. They want to and they manage to spend blissful moments with their loved ones, who recharge their batteries and inspire them.

They get fully involved in projects and actions together with the other members of the family.

Chinese New Year celebration 2019 for Dog natives

Lucky colors in 2019 for the Dog natives: apple green, ciel blue (elements – Fire, Wood, and Water), orange

What to wear on New Chinese Year’s Eve if you are born under the Dog sign: Comfort before everything else! You have to feel good tonight, so choose a light outfit. There are no restrictions in choosing accessories. You will welcome the new year protected against misfortune and accidents.

New Chinese Year Greetings for the Earth Pig Year of 2019: A cheery New Year hold lots of happiness for you!

In Chinese astrology, the Dog animal sign is associated with one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water.

Metal dog (Feb. 06, 1970 – Jan. 26, 1971)

• Those born in the year of the Metal Dog are being sought and their loved ones ask for their support. Their health looks good; they have all sorts of ideas and projects that take those close to them by surprise.

Those that are involved in bigger projects for a longer while can now enjoy the appreciation and recognition of their work.

Water Dog (Jan. 25, 1982 – Feb. 12, 1983)

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Rooster Horoscope 2019

rooster 2019 chinese horoscope

Year of the Rooster’s 2019 chinese horoscope

According to the Chinese Astrology, the years of the Rooster are: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

For the Rooster, the Pig Year 2019 tends to be full of events and opportunities, but they need to carefully evaluate the implications of these.

This year is alert and the events succeed in an unpredictable order which take the Rooster by surprise; their well-known intuition could help them make the right decisions at the right time.

Generally, the events that develop this year tend to make them get into the spotlight of the organizations they are a part of or of the audience and that may not be to their liking.

Rooster 2019 professional predictions

This year, everybody is talking about them; they must pay attention to their social and professional behavior and actions so that their reputation and position would not be affected.

The professional level brings many challenges and hopes. There is not too much stability and predictability in this field. The problems they have to face are not routine problems and they require attention and quick answers.

These problems can annoy the Rooster and make them feel tired. But they could consider these problems as opportunities to gain experience and be seen.

Those that think they might engage into more peaceful activities somewhere else are wrong.

They are wanted on multiple levels, but it would be a mistake to lose their energy by trying to cope with everything.

They are going to be evaluated based on the way they fulfill their direct tasks; they would better focus on these.

Financially, the year 2019 is favorable for the Rooster. By solving the unique problems and tasks at work, they can consequently increase their income.

There is one thing, though, that is worth mentioning: the alert unfolding of events this year must not stop them to be very careful about the details of the financial transactions they are going to make because there is the risk of being tricked or the risk of the earnings being less than what they are being promised in the first place.

It would be better to manifest their well-known prudence and not haste the important decisions making until they find out and are aware of all the data.

The Earth Pig Year of 2019 is the year of change for the Rooster. Although some sacrifices will be necessary, they will manage to surpass their own strengths and to achieve everything they want.

Rooster 2019 love predictions

In love, things will go great, but they will need someone next to whom they can start this year. If you are already involved in a relationship, try to appreciate the person next to you and give her enough attention, otherwise you risk losing the support of your partner.
Those that are lonely have very good chances of finding their match, most probably during some professionally related activities.

Rooster 2019 health predictions

In 2019, heath-wise, it is possible to encounter some problems caused mainly by stress. Don’t forget that each of us also needs rest and that sometimes you should put yourself in the first place.

By their nature, the Rooster is not keen on spending the spare time with the family. They would better try and not neglect the relationships with the loved ones, because next to them they manage to recharge their batteries best.

Lucky colors in 2019 for the Rooster natives: Klein blue, pine green (elements – Water and Wood)

What to wear on New Chinese Year’s Eve if you are born under the Rooster sign: You need to step out of your comfort zone and wear something you wouldn’t normally wear. New things mean change and 2019 is the year of change. On New Year’s Eve, wear something different and you will keep misfortune away!

New Chinese Year Greetings for the Earth Pig Year of 2019: May all your wishes come true!

In Chinese astrology, the Rooster animal sign is associated with one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water.

Metal Rooster (Feb. 05, 1981 – Jan. 24, 1982)

• Those born in the year of the Metal Rooster are more analytical and prudent by nature. They manage to do their job very well and they adapt to new conditions, they even distinguish themselves.

However, they are not satisfied with the atmosphere at work. If they want to, they may be presented with some really good opportunities to change their work place. Anyway, they must avoid any sort of gossip or collateral actions.

The family life goes on smoothly; they can get successfully involved in projects to rebuild or to redecorate their home or in common activities with the members of the family.

Water Rooster (Jan. 23, 1993 – Feb. 09, 1994)

• Those born in the year of the Water Rooster are very ambitious, but also very kind and concerned about the quality of their relationships with the people around them.

The Pig Year 2019 brings very good opportunities for them to get promoted or to find a position that suits them better. They find information and support regarding this direction, especially during the autumn.

Hey might get on the spotlight on the professional level and this will have direct effects on their income. Their family members ask for their involvement in various projects and activities; it is a good thing to keep a close relation with them even though they are so busy keeping up with the professional and social level.

Wood Rooster (Feb. 13, 1945 – Feb. 01, 1946)

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Monkey Horoscope 2019

monkey 2019 chines horoscope

Year of the Monkey’s 2019 chinese horoscope

According to the Chinese Astrology, the years of the Monkey are: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

It is hard to find a more favorable year for a Monkey native. This year, multiple chances and opportunities in diverse directions appear for them.
2019 is announcing to be a year full of good news! At least for the Monkey natives, who miss no chance to show their talent, ambition, work capacity, and passion! Energy is the word that defines them, and everything in their career goes smoothly! The Monkey natives are protected by Sun, which means that financially they will enjoy great earnings.

All they have to do is stay active and keep a clear head to make a careful selection of these.

The Pig year 2019 comes right after the Dog year 2018, when the Monkey had enough time to reflect about their steps and achievements so far and to charge their batteries for what’s coming up next.

Now, in 2019, being refreshed and revived, they can take action.

Physically, they feel more energetic, ready to start a new road, filled with promises. They feel optimistic and confident and this makes them want a higher professional position. They make their ambitions, desires and hopes known and their superiors notice this.

Monkey 2019 Money and career predictions

Events and situations are all on their favor: jobs become available, positions that they yearned for become vacant; shortly, there are high chances of getting promoted and of getting higher on the professional hierarchy.

They only need to be present in the moment and respond to these offers. With this, they could start believing that “their roads are open”.

For the young ones, this is a good year for finding a work place that is close to their wishes and training. Being full of enthusiasm, they have the chance of getting noticed from the beginning of their activity.

These chances on the professional level are also followed by an increase of the income that results from their professional activity. Of course, this could make them spend more than they need to; to really take advantage of this year, they need to control their desire to spend on useless things.

Those that have businesses on their own consider it is a good moment to focus their attention onto a new field or to try and make use of some of their older ideas and projects.

Now, they have the necessary enthusiasm and the external conditions are also on their side.

Monkey 2019 Love predictions

For the natives who are involved in a relationship, this is a great year for marriage, and for the single natives, a perfect year to find a life partner.
On a personal level, this is a year to be remembered. The extroverts and the active ones manage to easily broaden their circle of friends and acquaintances. Now they meet people that turn out to be useful and suited to their desires.

They get noticed easily, they attract people towards them through the quality of their ideas and projects, but also thanks to their optimism and their spirit of justice.
On the emotional level, this year is a turning point. Those that are not yet in a serious relationship may find a partner like they wish for.

Those that are already in a relationship may want to make their relation official or to move in with their partners, maybe to renew their vows, according to their situation.

In some extreme situations, they may even complicate their relationships because they feel that somebody that they were somehow expecting for a long while appears in their lives.

Anyway, this year brings many chances and favorable situations on a personal level through active involvement in the social life. They receive favorable answers, their ideas and initiatives are being appreciated and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Monkey 2019 health predictions

In the Earth Pig Year, not even in term of health, the Monkey natives will not lack luck, since they will encounter no issues. On the contrary, they will be full of vitality, and if they had in plan to start a sport, 2019 is the perfect year!

The Monkey vitality is up now; they feel as if they are recovering after a period of time when they seem to have had less energy than they usually have.
Any health issues that may have bothered them during the last year can be easily fixed now; recoveries through being physically active, making exercises or massages are favored now; being out in nature more often can work wonders.

Chinese New Year celebration 2019 for Monkey natives

Lucky colors in 2019 for the Monkey natives: khaki green, orange-red (elements – Wood and Fire)

What to wear on New Chinese Year’s Eve if you are born under the Monkey sign: Elegance brings luck. Regardless of the fabric or dress type, the style needs to be elegant. Accessorized with stones or precious metals, the Monkey ladies will not be bypassed by luck in the new coming year!

Metal Monkey (Feb. 16, 1980 – Feb. 4, 1981)

• For those born in the year of the Metal Monkey the priority should be to avoid scattering their activity. They need realistic plans and expectations and they should try to take advantage of the experience they have gained so far and highlight their specialization.

Spring and autumn are the most favorable for finding a suited job or position.

Water Monkey Feb. 4, 1992 – Jan. 22, 1993)

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